Top 10 journalists in Pakistan

Journalism has a long history in Pakistan. In 1870s Sir Syed Ahmed khan used print media for Muslims. Like Sir Syed Ahmed khan Allama Iqbal also used print media promote Muslims of sub-continent.

Pervez Musharraf gave freedom to media. Before Musharraf media never play its role properly but now media’s role is very prominent.

There are 10 famous journalists in Pakistan.

  1. Javed Chaudary:

Javed Chaudary is a brilliant journalist, columnist and anchor. He completed his degree in mass communication from Islamia University Bahawalpur. Hestarted his career as columnist in Daily Jang.

Now he is working in Express News. He is host of famous talk show “Kal Tak”. He also writes columns for Urdu Express newspaper. His famous column is Zero Point.He received‘Best excellency award’ for his column work from government.

  1. Hamid Mir:

Hamid Mir is a famous anchor, author, and journalist of Pakistan. His family is also belongs to journalism. He completed his degree in Mass Communication from Punjab University. Then he starts his career as journalist and columnist in Daily Jung, but now he is working in Geo News. He is host of famous talk show “Capital talk”. Hamid Mir is also a good columnist. He writes Urdu and English columns for different newspaper. Also he is a good reporter and interviewer, he conducted interview from different famous personalities e.g. Osama bin Ladin, Hillary Clinton and Nelson Mandela etc. Hamid Mir is also receives Hilal-i-Imtiaz for his good work. As new anchor he also received‘Life Time Achievement Award’.

  1. Ansar Abbasi:

Ansar Abbasi is a popular journalist.He completed his degree in Journalism and broadcasting. After left ‘Pakistan Times Newspaper’ he works in ‘The News’ . He is a prominent journalist of Pakistan but he doesn’t like social life.

Ansar Abbasi is also works as editor. He focuses more on English journalism as compare to Urdu journalism. Ansar Abbasi is happy that he belongs to English journalism. He wrote many investigative articles on the life of Chief justice, Pervez Musharraf, Maulana Fazal Ur Rehman, Malala Yousaf, and Chief Doger.

  1. Shahid Masood:

Shahid Masood is a doctor, journalist and analyst as well. He got his doctorate degree from England and start working as journalist in Pakistan. In his career he changes different channels e.g. Geo TV, ARY News, PTV, News One etc.

Shahid Masood’s famous show was “Meray Mutabiq”. But now he works in News One and his recent talk show’s name is Talk with Dr. Shahid Masood.

  1. Mubasher Luqman:

Mubasher luqman is an investigative journalist and also talk show host. He is very famous because of his controversial stories. Mubasher Luqman starts his career as film producer and director but this field not suits him so he changes his field and came in media. He is currently works in Samaa TV, his talk show isvery famous and name as “Khara Sach. He also got Sitara-e-Imtiaz for his work.

  1. Talat Hussain:

Talat hussain is one of the most loyal and elegant journalist in Pakistan’s media industry. He works in media but his career is fully perfect and has no controversial issue. Talat Husain also worked as columnist in “Daily Express”.

He works in many channels throughout his career. Currently he works in Geo TV and host talk show name as “Naya Pakistan”. He also works as assistant professor in Behria University.

  1. Kamran Khan:

Kamran khan is a senior journalist, anchor and investigative editor. He introduced new style in media. Most of his career belongs to Geo. In Geo he hosted famous political show name as “Aaj Kamran Khan Key Sath”. He then shifted to BOL News and now he is working for DUNYA News. In DUNYA News he hosted show name as “DUNYA Kamran Khan Key Sath”

  1. Aamer Habib:

Aamer Habib is very well known and one of the top journalist. He started his career his career as a crime reporter in 2012. Currently he is working in Public TV News as a news caster and program host with the name of a special investigation with Aamer Habib.  He has written a famous book life and business.

  1. Maher Bukhari:

She is a great journalist, anchor and host also. She starts her career as host in Samaa TV but now she is in Dawn News and running a talk show.

  1. Kashif Abbasi:

He is a journalist, anchor and host also. He works in ARY News and host a show name as “Off the Record”.

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