(Motivation Report by Aamer Habib Famous Journalist)“The term Marketing is defined as a social and managerial process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating, offering and exchanging products of value with others”

It is basically informing an individual or group about the products and services with their features. Marketing involve many components some of them are listed below

Information and
Instruments of Marketing:
Television Advertising
Internet Marketing
The world is changing a mile a minute, and one cannot measure the changes at a scale, its very hard to differentiate yourself of these changes, and maintain trust in marketing world.

Planning is the step stone for the effective marketing as much as u spent time and available resources to plan a marketing strategy as much u will get success.The more you can plan ahead, the better you feel to manage those changes when they happen.All the successful marketers have one thing in common. They are always in search of the ways which can lead them over their competitors.always those marketers are successful who analyze the modern trends and needs and prepare them for the future have the best chances to get success.

Here we will discuss 6 new modern trends in marketing which must be kept in view to get success through marketing.


Media platforms give the idea for the live video trends.Instead of using social media for posting pictures and videos, you now have the ability to stream live content.

Some of the most popular live video platforms include:

Facebook live
YouTube live
Instagram live etc.
People love to watch the live videos of brands rather than reading a blog. According to survey people react more after watching live videos. Now a days people have become bored of reading blogs,they don’t want to spend time in reading a long text, instead they are more concerning about the live stream videos through which they can get maximum information in a short span of time.

these videos are full of colours, animations and information.

Artificial intelligence has a great influence on the new marketing trends AI is a key point in today’s marketing conferences and hour session have been included in latest exhibitions seminars and conferences to know the importance of AI in marketing.

AI tools are now days used to analyze consumer behavior about the product.Once the behavior of the consumer is checked, the robots can make decisions according to how they are programmed.AI robots can take over some basic human roles

Chabot is an example of AI we may be familiar with. Cabot is a “customer service representative” appear on website and popped up to start an instant message conversation with you.

With artificial intelligence on the rise, marketing executives feel unprepared for this trend.

We all are familiar with brand ambassadors and social media influences. The large companies hire famous actors/actresses around the globe and hire them at high rate to promote their products.Let’s take an example of LUX soap brand they yearly hire top actresses to promote their products. These are people on social media who have relationships with companies and get paid to promote products on their personal profiles.

It’s a legitimate marketing strategy. Micro influencers are those persons who have 1k–100k followers on social media.Brands always look out to these celebrities who are famous and renowned to all categories of people.Not many people can inspired by the celebrities. But it’s much easier for the average person to relate to a micro influencer.

over the past few years, the success is not possible without content marketing the year 2018 you cannot acquire a success without the use of content marketing

Actually what the content marketing is, it is the marketing through newspapers, holdings, brochure, banners etc.Compared to other factors, content marketing have the biggest impact on companies in 2018,

Instead of acquiring coming up strategies for marketing, companies should refine their existing strategies. The contents should be relevant and according to the needs and level of understanding of the audience.Content marketing is always helpful and is always in demand because it is typically not expensive.By applying these strategies one will definitely observe increase in sales and customer satisfaction.

over the past several years, it seems that companies have been focusing acedia influence interests of the young generation. Every generation has different buying habits.The buying power of the young ones is more than the old ones. Young people are eager to buy new thing coming in the markets. Now it’s time to put some more emphasis on younger generations as well.

They are more concerning about the new trends in the it is necessary for the large companies to pay more attention to needs and demands of the young people.There’s nothing wrong with that.It’s essential to target young consumers, by doing this you cay retrain them for as long as possible.The young generation helped shape the marketing trends over the last decades.Companies need to research more on new generation to find out how to target them.

Customers are the globally equal now days, in this Era the world is at the tips of man, there are no boundaries between the different civilizations.

The customers carry the same international characteristics due to closely associate through information technology, fast ways of transportation, social media influences, and mobility of people across the borders.

Companies are catching the markets beyond the borders. A company itself cannot satisfy customers all alone without the help of other companies,because a single company cannot occupy and manage all the resources require for the success

Companies need to involve local as well as global representative to get maximum benefits of products because they are fully aware of the global economic, politics, legal affairs, and social realities.Companies must think globally, but act locally. Today’s marketers believe: “Act locally, but think globally.”

Let’s take an example of Chinese products, the Chinese people were unfamiliar with the global trends before its revolution. They sent their people to different countries to learn the modern skills and advanced technology. They spent their a lot of time to understand the need and traditions of the different countries and then they went back to their country and start making the things according to the demands of the nations. They attract the international markets by introducing new trends and fulfill their demands at cheap rates.

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